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Moses Mayes - any wantin any on Wednesday Sept 15?

the dude

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Hey all, the below Moses Mayes dates are confirmed, thanks to all who made the Ottawa show happen. We have another day thats empty that was put away for chilling, but I'm just throwing a hand up to see if anyone wants to help put on a show or performance for us on Wednesday July 15? House party, warehouse, something fun on a weekday. We'll be in the GTA, hamilton, london, geulph area...

Let me know, see you all soon.

Sept 13 - Thunder Bay, ON - The Study

Sept 16 - London, ON - Call the Office w/King Cobb Steelie

Sept 17 - Hamilton, ON - Casbah w/King Cobb Steelie

Sept 18 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel

Sept 19 - Montreal, PQ - Le Swimming

Sept 20 - Ottawa, ON – Café Deckuf w/ Comfort Station

Sept 21 - Peterborough, ON - Trasheteria

Sept 22 - Kingston, ON - Grad Club w/ Cuff the Duke

Sept 23 - Guelph, ON - Trasheteria w/King Cobb Steelie

Sept 24 - Sudbury, ON - TownHouse

Sept 25 - Toronto, ON - El Mocombo



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oopps, i have to stop multitasking, july 15, lol...duh. Windsor? wow, i'm scared to be so close to detroit ;) jj, for sure, we have a day off, just looking to see if something is out there, otherwise we'll just run around naked in ontario, so keep an eye out for seven naked guys with instruments running around the streets...


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dude, if you're gonna take a day off to chill, and you're playing in london on the thursday... i'd say just hang out in london on the wednesday.. when there arent any bands playing, Call The Office is probably one of the best places in ontario to have a good time on a wednesday night... especially that time of year..

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