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anybody gettin their groove on tonight? my big sis is in town... she's moving to italia soon... must have a good time. too bad she wasn't here for the hoedown last night, those were swell times. ::

i think we're committed to pretending to watch bits of the hockey game, but afterwards... ??

i understand if y'all are a little worn out.. i certainly am.. stella was a little too good to me.

peas ;)

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good times... drinkin beers from quart bottles at the dominion, then my sister got called a cunt by some meathead at the heart & crown... the excitement never ends!! (we did have a good time :))... we are capping off the night with some dirty poutine and a "hip hop summer 2002" home-made mix that we literally found on the street. cheers otterwa!

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hah... something like that... it was the very end of the night and we were havin a little dancey dance (my sister, myself, our friend tito and his girlfriend kazuko).. meathead comes up (big steroid sucking dude in a tight shirt... yikes) and is getting way too close for comfort, kinda trying to bump in between me and sister, uuugh.. we were trying to ignore him, then my sister finally told him we just wanted to do our thing, he freaked. first he walked off saying "SORRY!!! sorry for being so RUDE!!!". we continued to boogie. then he came BACK... "yeah, you're a tough bitch! fu©k you! fu©k off! your'e a fu©king cunt!" and on, and on. finally he went away. pretty hilarius, really, like i said, MEATHEAD! hahah... ::

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