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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie


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I just read the story on Dark Horizons:

Toronto-raised comedy director Ivan Reitman will be in the city Tuesday but not for the festival, rather to finalise a deal to finance and executive produce a Canadian movie about homegrown trailer trash according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reitman will executive produce the comedy that stars Ricky, Bubbles and Julian, the main characters of "Trailer Park Boys," a 4-year-old cult TV hit in Canada that now airs on BBC America. The series follows three Nova Scotia dope-smoking ex-convicts living among friends and family in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and is shot in the style of a faux documentary. The hard-living characters have become Canadian icons in only a few short years on cable but the show only crossed the border in recent months.

The project will be directed by the TV show's creator, director and writer Mike Clattenburg. The Canadian government is planning on using Reitman's boxoffice pull as the centerpiece of its strategy to boost the domestic boxoffice there to 5% by 2006.

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It's funny, because the TPB people no longer even own the rights to the original TPB Movie; the one in black and white. They, essentially, plan to act as though it never really existed so as not to confuse the public between that one and the upcoming movie. I really look forward to this one!

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