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Jay Funk Dawg

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Soulive is playing tonight... I'm pumped!


I got a copy of their new Live CD, and it is so different from their studio stuff... I like it much better, it's really a jazz-funk thing with some hip-hop thrown in the mix. Some amaizing players, it's really that 60's organ-drums-guitar vibe a la Grant Green, with the keyboard player playing the bass lines. It's actually quite incredible, as the organist plays this really driving funky basslines that really propels the solo improvisations (be it on organ or guitar). The band has some good banter which helps to reveals how really soulful the group is. The only problem I'm finding with the CD is that there is very minimal personel information, you can tell that there are guests (mostly horns), some times you don't really know how many people are on stage... I think that one of the reasons why I'm so pumped to check 'em out tonight... to really see what the hell is happenin' on stage. I hear that tonight's show will feature two fine horn players, which will likely blow us away.. I love that big band souljazz sound.


The drummer is awesome! he's really helping moderize that old school jazz sound, with some great backbeats! Oh yeah...

check out www.solive.com for some free live tunes.

hope to catch some of ya there!


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