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WEEN Girdwood, Alaska 10/8/04

zimmerman pt3

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So last Friday Ween kicked off their West Coast tour in Girdwood (40 minutes outside Anchorage; it's a skiing/snowboard town with a vibrant hippie/heady presence/vibe).

They sold out this cafeteria-like shed (aprox 600 people). The atmosphere inside was awesome: security way-lax, moshing/stage diving up front, square dancing on the side, dancing on tables. The band responded kindly to the energy/chaos with a 3 hour show (no setbreak) with over 30 songs that covered their entire career.

Personal highlights: Happy Coloured Marbles, Springtheme, Touch My Tooter, She Fucks Me, Final Alarm, Ace of Spades (kicked my ass!), ooh and Don't Squeel on a Pusher!!!!!!

Overall the show was a lot of fun! But I still prefer their studio work :P

Take Me Away

Dont Get 2 Close

Freedom OF 76



Spinal Meningitis

Happy Colored Marbles

Buckingham Green

Albino Sunburned Girl

Final Alarm

Bananas & Blow

Voodoo Lady


Touch My Tooter

Fat Lenny

Awesome Sound


B-Day Boy

Tried & True

She Fucks Me

Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain

Joppa Road

I Dont Want It



Piss Up A Rope

Stroker Ace

You fu©ked UP

Ace Of Spades

Chant >

Cant Put My Finger On It



Italian Restaurant (B. Joel)

Never Squeal On The Pusher


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Holy FAWK!!!!

Heady one you prefer all you want I know from the way your talking about this and the songs you highlighted you know your sh!t and know this is the sh!t. There are a string of shows on recent record, including the Fraternity of Eagles, DC at the 9:30 and the Bonnaroo as well as a recent Trenton, NJ show about 14 years to the day after Rollins rant in the same town, that are just off the charts. My sense and what I've read is that Aaron and Mickey have been to a tonne of shows and know when the guys lay on the new sh!t at the expense of what everyone wants to here. They just DELIVER, deliver, Deliver. The Nan is of course a gem, highlighting Final Alarm (I'm presuming Claude sang that?), Springtheme only betrays your headiness. And mutherfuggin' Italian Restaurant, I don't know that they've ever done that although they've done vamps and actual versions of Mike McDonald's What A Fool Believes lately. And Mutherfuggin' 'Don't squeal on a pusher Never lie to your mama'!!!! That is off the charts good I have to get to these shows from now on.

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-ok, to clarify, NAN put a fat grin on my face;

-Springtheme always RULZ: what made it special was that it sounded different from the studio version.

-Claud did sing Final Alarm

- Gene only sang the first verse or so of Italian Rest; they cut it short (maybe because no one recognized it or cared where it was going) with Gene saying, "This is a work in Progress".

-thought of you Luke during Birthday Boy

-oh yeah, I forgot to highlight AWESOME SOUND!!! Never thought I'd ever hear that one live; much different and exploratory than the Pod version

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heres what i got in bellingham

Exactly Where I'm At

She Wanted to Leave

Take Me Away

Wavin' My Dick in the Wind

Transdermal Celebration

Voodoo Lady

Happy Colored Marbles

Bananas and Blow

Buckingham Green


The Argus

The Stallion Pt.3

What Deaner was Talkin' About

The Mollusk

Ocean Man

Dr. Rock

Puerto Rican Power

Pandy Fackler

Demon Sweat

Fancy Pants

Roses are Free

The H.I.V. Song

Back to Basom

She's Your Baby

Squelch the Little Weasel

I Don't Want It

All of My Love

Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?

Touch My Tooter

Sorry, Charlie

Spinal Meningitis

Baby Bitch


You fu©ked Up

Mushroom Festival in Hell




nice mellow show to enjoy in my plush seat.

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thanks for the pics Luke; your contribution to the headee scene is immeasurable. Kidding; appreciate it!

In regard to the stage diving, there was a funny incident: you know in the latter half of the Mollusk where they repeat in an echo, "Yes, Yes, Yes... No, No, No", well as this dude stage dived the crowd split leaving a gap for him to crash onto the floor; the band responded by shaking their heads and emphasizing the "NO, NO, NO" part; jokes!

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HAHAAHHA. thats great, stage diving for the mollusk. Reminds me of this time some jackass was crowd surfing in a section that he had no business crowd surfing in. All of a sudden this body comes flying out of nowhere and clips my buddy on the way down on the head. The sound he made when he hit the floor was disgusting. sounded like he broke something for sure. he's looking at us for help and we're looking back at him laughing. thats what you get for trying to pull that sh!t off you stupid fu©k. Meanwhile my buddy's got a mild concussion and he's leaning hard on me to stay up. NO sympathy for stage diving injuries.

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