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You should get in touch with JimmyT - a promoter in Buffalo who books mainly jam band shows. His website: www.jimmyt.com

The Tralf, as mentioned, is an upscale venue which hosts a lot of great bands, probably holds 400 or so people... UPDATE: Their website (www.tralf.com) reports that after 7 years The Tralf has closed down. hm, sh!tty.

A great venue to put on a show is the Showplace Theatre.. Its a dive but its SO much fun! Its a former movie theatre with the seats torn out, probably holds about the same amount of people as Lee's, maybe more. I've seen some great multiple band bills there. Maybe you could organize a gig with 3-4 bands including some of our Canadian talent and a bunch of us would head over. The SHowplace is a 5 minute drive from the Peace Bridge.

There's also Milestones and Heenan's.. Nietzcshe's is a popular venue too, as MarcO said.

Hope that helps!

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