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My first torrent - Fat Cats 2001-12-28


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That Dec. 28 show was a blast ... huge amounts of energy ... I've already got a copy (got one from Shane M. a while ago).

Thanks for taping Steve and for spreading the music Esau!

Does anyone reading this thread have a master copy of the last Fat Cats show with Adam on drums, Feb. 28 1997 at Mrs. Robinson's in Kitchener? It was broadcast live via a radio station broadcast ... I got a cassette copy of most of this show years ago from Johnny LaRue ... it is an awesome sounding show ... very high quality recording (fm broadcast) ... Dave Hill is on fire on the bass ... the whole band is cooking ... I'd love to get a cd copy of this show, as would others I'm sure. My cassette copy is starting to wear out, and it would be nice to have a digital copy of this show ... plus it would be a shame if this show does not get heard by others ...

Peace, Mark

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