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Gimme Shelter - Help Needed


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A friend needs some help with a paper on Gimme Shelter... Can anyone help out with this topic?

"What puts Gimme Shelter into context in pop music history and makes it relevant to today's audience?"

You guys know music, she's struggling... Any ideas?


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i think, its most important quality is proving that the rolling stones are a bunch of over produced, pretencious limey bastards that have done absolutely nothing for the good of mankind

The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock and roll band in the history of rock and roll music, period. To say they've done "nothing for the good of mandkind" is quite the loaded statement. If to say that to make one individual smile because of the beauty of a song is something that is good for mankind. Then the Rolling Stones have made hundreds of millions smile, if not more over their forty year plus career.

Have you ever even listened to the Rolling Stones from "Beggar's Banquet" to "Exile On Main St.?" Or even albums like "Out of Our Heads, "Some Girls" or "Tattoo You?"

Last night I saw the Slip perform "Midnight Mile" from "Sticky Fingers." The night before that I saw Rich Robinson perform "Memo From Turner" from the soundtrack from "Performance." The opener from Robinson's show played "Shine A Light" from "Exile On Main St."

The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, The Who, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Phish, Widespread Panic, The Black Crowes, Col Les Clapool and the Fearless Frog Brigade and I could go on have all covered the Rolling Stones. I don't think it's because the Stones are over produced.

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I'm very hung-over due to a wedding last night and I can't think straight, but Gimme Shelter is a great topic for an essay.

It is a fascinating movie and some socio-political themes filmed then still ring true today. The film is a giant music video, one that shows violence, racism, organized crime, drug and alcohol abuse and of course, rock & roll. There really wasn't an obvious display of violence recorded at a concert until Gimme Shelter, but now violence at festivals or big concerts is not uncommon: Woodstock 1994, various rap concerts etc...

The film trumpeted the end of the hippy movement, but one thing that I still find troubling was seeing how " non-colours " Hell's Angels behaved. None of the Hell's Angels in the film had their " colours ", and thus were even more dangerous than official Angels would have been. The Dead hired them as security because I don't think Jerry and the boys trusted cops. " Non-colours " are always the most dangerous because they have to earn their membership.

The Dead are not the only band that has had links with organized crime. Crime and musicians have always been linked. Just look at a gangsta-rap video for proof.

I don't see a lot of cross-over music fans in popular music today: rappers and their fans do not for the most part embrace or even acknowledge rock; country fans don't like metal etc... Music fans are segregated.

Most of the bands that were scheduled to play Altamont had hippy/counter-culture appeal. However, back then, the Stones were not a counter-culture hippy-loving band. Neither was Ike & Tina. What I'm trying to say is that back then, people could dig a lot of different music without being labelled. Today, kids are defined by what they will and will not listen to.

If I sober up, I may write more on this topic.

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