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Mark Wilson & Caution Jam Birthday AWESOME

Jay Funk Dawg

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Mark and Mark's Excellent Birthday Adventure


Mark Wilson and the Way It Is

Caution Jam

El Mocambo Upstairs

Saturday, January 15, 2005

www.elmocambo.caMark and Mark's Excellent Birthday Adventure

Caution Jam


The Caution Jam phenomenon began sometime in 1991 when bass player Les and guitarist Eric Fefferman teamed up to form a variety act based mostly in North American classic folk and blues. As time went on, however, the acoustic duo began welcoming new members into the fold: Birthday boy Mark Crissinger on guitars and vocals, Bruce Griffin on keys, and Bruce Brooker on drums. Thus, defining their own sound through the poetry of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and more...

Whether it’s the boat cruises, the Jerry Garcia tribute shows, or the summer festivals, Caution Jam is eager to please. Between events, the guys play shows up and down the Trans-Canada all year long. They’ve toured the east coast 10+ times now and are always in and out of the Toronto circuit, playing gigs at El Mocambo, Grossman’s Tavern and Jeff Healey’s bar— to name a few. According to the band, they get warm receptions in all places from Windsor to Collingwood, and Fredericton to Halifax.

Mark Wilson & the Way It is


Mark Wilson, the founder of the Come Together Music Festival and his jovial crew from Brantford " The Way it is", dig deep into the rootsy rock sound with covers of The Band, Paul Simon and CSN&Y, along with Mark Wilson's own honest songwriting and heartfelt singing.

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It's Caution Jam opening for Mark Wilson at "Two Doors Down" in Browntown.

Really!? Well, isn't that just like Crissinger to omit that little detail. I guess it's MW's birthday in his hometown so he gets to close eh? Oh well, it's not like I mind getting down to Mark Wilson & The Way It Is!

I'll try and get out to the Toronto show Jay but it's awfully difficult for me to pull off living in Hamilton and all. (As you might have noticed I like a few cocktails when I'm out.) :o

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Really looking forward to next weekend.. Partying in Brantfoord has long been one of my favorite things ever since my first night in the Poor Folks.. The elmo is gonna rock as well...we gotta get Jay C to get up and jam with us.....

Not sure what Mark W is gonna want to do at

Two Doors Down,, he may want to play first so he can party the rest of the night away.

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Jared! It's been way too long my friend! Thanks for the offer of a place to stay! We're not totally sure what we're going to try pulling off next weekend but I'll let you know what we're thinking as the weekend draws closer. In any event, that's damn nice of you to offer!

Are you up Newmarket way at all this week?

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