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Beats & Eats @ Mercury (Ottawa) tonight (Jan. 7)


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There's a new event being held tonight (and the first Friday of every month) at The Mercury Lounge in Ottawa.

From http://www.mercurylounge.net/artwork/artwork.html

The Beats:

Six Degrees Records has sent me cases and cases of giveaways to pawn off on all of the early arrivals of the WB&E Night. This month's package has cd's ***VINYL*** and Stickers from: Bebel Gilberto, (the real) Tuesday Weld, Bossacucanova, Los Mocosos, Issa Bagayogo, Sylk 130, Euphoria, and Michael Franti & Spearhead.

The Eats:

We have Indian fare from Mukut Restaurant @ 610 Rideau We have assorted Sushi from Bento Sushi @ 606 Rideau We have Middle Eastern savouries from Famous Falafel, Souvlaki and Italian Subs @ 582 Rideau We have African hand food from African Village's East African Restaurant @ 376 Rideau

It's $5 at the door, and the free stuff runs from 7pm - 10pm. With the break in the weather, and not much else happening tonight, I was thinking about checking this out. Anybody else interested?



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they're ridiculous, but i think they're necessary from time to time. If you're wanting to go out to the mercury lounge, why not go all out and dress up...it's nice to dress up sometimes. style sometimes makes or breaks a vibe and even though this one's pretentious, it can feel nice to be all dolled up.

I think the mercury lounge is pretentious and snotty, but some great talent plays there. i think the bigger issue with their pickiness is the 'no guitars' policy (no rock guitars)...i like the choosiness of music, but there are times when dirty guitar adds great tone and atmosphere...as long as you know about the dresscode you're prepared, but there's some great talent that'd be able to rock the mercury lounge...like contact for example...i think they'd probably not be allowed to play there.

i interviewed the owner one time for algonquin radio and he, tim, was pretty high on himself. not the best package when you know what's behind the slickness, but i must admit that mercury is a pretty slick unit.

If you like the small venue vibe, might i suggest tuesday nights a cafe nostalgica?? the soul-jazz orchestra...a 5 piece horny outfit. time to get down!

no dresscodes, and the clientele's super chill. same with the management and employees. i was very impressed when i saw tala. great food, not out to make a profit - no cover - and it's centrally located...only issue i have is with parking.

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