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I got my GD Fillmore set yesterday from Bouche!

The Chameleon

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A big thanks to Mike and Jambands.ca for sending me my won copy of the recently released "Grateful Dead: Fillmore West 1969 set"

This 3 disc set is awesome. Very nicely packaged, kida like a hard cover book. Great photos and liner notes too.

But most of all the sound quality! Holllllyyyy FAAAAAAAKKK!!

You can hear a pin drop. It is so clear you can hear band members talking to each other in the background, while they adjust thier equipment.

i have heard these performances before on CD from inferiror sources and there is no comparison.

This entire set is in HDCD, so when you play it in a player equipped with HDCD (which mine is) it's unbelievable!

It's so clear you can almost see the music....oh wait maybe I spilled some liquid on my hand while making those cubes?!....

I've said too much.

Peace, Thanks Bouche! ;)

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Don't most play HDCD cd's but to get a true HDCD player, you gotta spend boatloads?

No you don't have to spend mad loot! You can get a DVD/CD combo from future shop (mine's a panasonic CD/DVD F87, It only cost me $200 or so.) Anyways it plays DVD audio 5.1, HDCD and other formats. And because it's HDCD (meaning it has the logo printed on the player and reads to that standard). you get the real deal. Other players can read the discs, but only play them as regular CDs.

Call pricebasher,ca and he'll wheel ya' a deal I'm sure.


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