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New Favourite Non Hometown Player


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I'll Give that Janssen Credit though... watch what he stands up to against McGratten (and there like 4 or five of these on YouTube from differnt games... this was the best IMO).

The best/worst is when McGratten is getting him with the right hook, and then following up with the elbow on the way back through. Janssen clearly has rocks in his head.

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Any others come to mind? I have to say this guy. He's doing exactly what Martin St. Louis did when he won the Hart, and doing it 'up a notch'... in lieu of the Cup of course...


Special mention has to go to Saku Koivu. I honestley don't know how he does it, but he's the heart and soul of that team, and he always seems to manage, against all odds, to lead a winner, and to make men out of mice. Much to the chagrin of me and my Sen loving ways.

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