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Transformers - trailer


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Looking at the dude's past movies, I fear another lame hollywood fluff movie, heavy on effects low on story,acting.

# Transformers (2007) (post-production)

# The Island (2005)

# The Lionel Richie Collection (2003) (V) (video "Do It to Me")

# Bad Boys II (2003)

... aka Good Cops: Bad Boys II (Malaysia: English title)

# Pearl Harbor (2001)

... aka Pearl Harbour (UK: promotional title)

# Armageddon (1998)

# The Rock (1996)

# Bad Boys (1995)

# Shadows and Light: From a Different View (1992) (V)

# Great White: My...My...My... The Video Collection (1991) (V) (video "Call It Rock N' Roll")

# Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall (1990) (V)

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Ummm...let's see...oh yeah, this movie is based on A TOY!!!

WTF were you expecting???

Get off the jeebus hippy-crack ;)

What is cool though, at least to me, is that new software created by a colleauge of mine from T-Dot is being used by the post-production team on this flick as well as Spiderman 3...he recently was at Skywalker Ranch installing his software for their SFX team and the stories he told me when he returned are un-fuggin-believable...

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