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UPDATE: Arcade Fire tickets on sale at NOON!


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WTF is with there being so much confusion over what day of the week march 16th is? there was confusion in the shins thread, jaydawg has it screwed up in his thread, and now even ticketmaster has it all fucked up:

Tue, 05/15/07

07:30 PM

Wed, 05/16/07

07:30 PM

so which is it? are they playing THURS.&FRI. the 15th & 16th or are they playing tues.the 13th & wed.the 14th?

massey hall doesn't have them listed on their site at all!

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i dont like that website.

i was checkin out some other show prices, and i guess i ended up with something in my "cart" - then when i went to get arcade fire tickets, i wasnt allowed to have more than 1 item in my cart. by the time i got to the screen to clear my cart, then go back and get tickets, wednesday was sold out.

i did manage a pair for tuesday, but "one or more of my seats is partial view"... better than nothing, i guess.

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