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White Cowbell Oklahoma in Ottawa last night - Coming to Hamilton


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I just got an email from a friend that really put on a face for last nights gig:

Sat Apr. 28 - Underground, Hamilton

You say rock. We say roll.

You say cow. We say bell.

DUDE!!! you missed probably the most outrageous thing I have ever seen in Ottawa last night. White Cowbell Oklahoma can never, ever be missed again.

Here are some highlights ...

- 11 people on stage ... 4 guitars, bass dude who looked exactly like Chris Farley, lead singer, drums, keys, two tatooed 'ambiance' grils i.e. pseudo (strippers), and a dude in an Evil Kinevil jumpsuit playing nothing but cowbell all night.

- every song was high, high, high energy with every member exhibiting some soft of rock 'n roll cliche... leg kicks, rock star poses, macking for the cameras, jumping off speakers, and so on. And yes, every song had every member doing these things at all times. You did not know where to look.

- dude pretending to douse the audience in gasoline and light them on fire

- dude brings out a chainsaw and proceeds to shred toilet paper all over the audience

- ambiance girls doing mock dyke scenes and who also had trouble keeping their tops on (they did the last three songs topless)

- punk rock dude in the audience taking things a bit too seriously and everyone around mocking him to the point where he threw a temper tantrum and

the bouncers came in and beat the shit out of his 98 pound ass.

- call for encore was the loudest I have ever heard in Ottawa... The bartenders were even on top of the bar clanging beer jugs to make more


As Dan said as we left ... I cannot believe I just saw that in Ottawa.

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I love that band. They wouldn't get away with their over-the-top debauchery, if not for their wailing guitar.

I guess you didn't get the naked Freebird with a solo using a JD bottle, held by a different body part than his hands? lol. No cannons? You never know with those guys.

Fun fun fun.

"Put the south in your mouth, pretty baby!"

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while I do agree that any White Cowbell Oklahoma extravaganza is indeed a worthwhile endeavour

and the band's website does indeed say they play at The Undie on Sat. Feb, 28

Feb. 28 actually falls upon this coming Wednesday

and the Underground website has Saturday March 3 listed as having:

"DARK PEARL, Year's End, guests

@ Underground -- 10PM -- LIC/AA :: $5"

unless they are secret guests for Saturday, maybe working with an outdated calendar... there might be a miscommunication afoot

The show is in april paisley. The Underground doesn't have that one listed yet, but the band has it on their site.


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