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Daylight Savings Time Changes This Year


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Anybody else heard this?

The United States and Canada have a planned a change to its DST observance beginning in 2007. The US Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates that DST will start on the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November. In 2007, the start and stop dates will be March 11 and November 4, respectively. These dates are different from

previous DST start and stop dates. In 2006, the dates were the first Sunday in April (April 2, 2006) and the last Sunday in October (October 29, 2006).

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It's not a US and Canada revision of DST. It was the States' notion and Canada was basically 'encouraged' to follow suit.

What's not to understand about DST? The daylight hours are shorter in winter than spring and summer. For example, farmers benefit greatly with DST.

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