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advertising on google...


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anyone do this? im sure someones got to.

this is the question, how much do you roughly pay?

this goof at my wifes work is skimming money, saying he needs to pay google 14K monthly, will not provide recpts, im just trying to prove that the guy is doing it, so, i guess the question really is 14K extroidinarily too much for advertising through google, or am i way off? i know google adwords is a sliding payment but 14 seems very high. any help would be great

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with google, you setup an account and CHOOSE how much you want to pay. You pay per click (5 cents a click lets say) and can setup a limit so if the clicks total more than what you choose to afford, Google will stop distributing your ad. I think the guy is gaming the company using Adsense as a cover.

If the company has an adsense account, he should be able to produce the login credentials and google has ALL of the action recorded for reporting purposes.

get the login info, and you'll see ALL clicks, payouts, payments, etc.

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