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The Ford Plant in Brantford


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presently in our fourth year, the ford plant remains as an alcohol-free, all ages, not-for-profit venue. the venue is run by a collective of seven volunteers, and new projects such as the one king gallery are being spearheaded to enhance the ford plant community.

Not sure if they will save you though...is this a requirement of your going?

Great bands have played there in the past...

we have hosted a number of talented bands including The Arcade fire, The Hidden Cameras, Wolf Parade, Constantines, Unicorns, Blue Rodeo, Jim Guthrie, Cuff the Duke, The Sadies, Julie Doiron, The Stills, Cadence Weapon, Kepler, Jon Rae and the River, Ninja High School, Wintersleep, Wooden Stars and more
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Dude, what happened to the wagon?

I've been rehabilitated! I'm back out in society and functioning flawlessly. Just ask any bar owner. At Pepper Jack's the other week I had 2 friggin' beers the whole night. So I'll drink but I don't get stupid drunk and tell everyone off anymore!

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nope not for me. Since I've let myself back into bars (the ones that still let me back in) the opportunity has been there and I'm not interested. I've lost too much and have too much going on now to lose. I'm too excited about life to wanna spend most of it half in the bag or especially with my nose in a bag.

Those who know me, know there's been a change. I still go to counseling though, just for fun. ;)

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well heres my two cents after at least a year of posting on here.. LOL..

cheers to you New Rider.. if you can kick your vices and feel confident in yourself to allow a few drinks at a show without it getting in the way of your new goals or life itself then by all means.. CHEERS MAN!! kick back and have a drink.. everyone deserves a little relaxation while being in control of their lives.. as long as you know your limits..



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Yeah, all the best NewRider, I was just curious more than anything.

Although, are you sure it's a good sign that you want to sneak beers into a dry venue. ;)

Heh, heh, sorry, just being "mom".

Better then what I used to be sneakin' in! The past month of being able to catch live music and REMEMBER it has been awesome. Having conversations with people and remembering their names and watching other people get totally obliterated and kicked out and saying "that used to be me".

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as for the Ford Plant I got some info for ya.. from a good friend who regulars there..

"Tim's pretty cool about the drinks as long as you are responsible about it. No drinking outside, no sharing with minors, no glass, don't leave your empties lying around and it wouldn't hurt to have an extra one for him. What I sometimes do is get a paper cup from kfc and drink out of that. Enjoy the show, it should be a good one."

~its been a couple years since i've attended, but whats said above is basically what i remember about the Plant.. just be smart and discreet~

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