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save Rob Fraser


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Rob and I were best friends from age 10-16.

this is breaking my heart.


My brother, Master Cpl. Robbie Fraser, was charged on Monday, March 12, 2007 with manslaughter and negligent performance of duty in a weapons related accident shooting death of Master Cpl. Jeffrey Walsh of Regina during a patrol along an Afghan highway on Aug. 9.

First off, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the Walsh family and thank them for their support towards Robbie during this trying time. Master Corporal Walsh served our country proud and should be remembered for his achievements.

Manslaughter charges are quite severe, and carry with it a sentence from 4 years to life. This was a tragic accident, and my brother has already suffered immensely through this tragedy. I would hope the Canadian Military will take this into account during this process. Bringing these charges upon a Canadian soldier who has served his country for the better part of 10 years is harsh in my opinion.

I am making a plea to anyone and everyone to help out in any way possible. Please Show your Support by contacting your local Member of Parliament or the Prime Minister's office. All it takes is a phone call, and you can make a difference.

link to find your MP


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as far as I know they are trying to make an example of him. what with all of the recent "friendly fire" incidents, it is his case that they have decided to move on.

I don't know any other details other than it was an accidental death, and in reading the articles, you can see that no one other than the military and government believe he should be charged.

he's got 3 daughters, he shouldn't be sent to prison.

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wow. i just had a look at various news articles, and the Forces' insistence on charging Fraser with manslaugher seems so very wrong. there does not seem to be a single person who supports these outrageous charges, including Walsh's family and various senior retired miliary officials. a horrible tragic accident indeed, but this witch hunt is wrong.

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I'm a "just the facts" kind of person so I find it hard to make up my mind on this story without hearing the military's side of things.

Is there a detailed account of the incident anywhere? From what I've read, the gun went off while the soldiers were riding in a cramped vehicle on a bumpy road. Is the military arguing that Cpl. Fraser didn't secure his gun properly?

It does seem kinda fucked. I wish there was more information available.

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that how i read it, ollie. he's been charged simply because the safety was not on while riding inside the vehicle, and the gun went off accidentally.

charges? possibly yes. others in similar situations have been charged in the past with simple or criminal negligence. but manslaugher? wow. thats outrageous.

really sorry to hear this, misterh. this must tear you up inside to see our government do this to your friend.

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contacting your MP might get this issue looked into by the government, and with MP's on Rob's side then maybe the charges could be lessened or dropped, depending on how hard they lobby Harper's government.

any and all info I have I have posted already, I wish I had more as well.

it is tearing me up.

I have a letter written. here it is.

Dear Peggy Nash,

I am writing to you in regards of Master Cpl. Robbie Fraser of Cornwall, PEI who has recently been charged with manslaughter in the accidental death of his friend and colleague Master Cpl. Jeffrey Walsh of Regina, SASK. The incident was reported to have happened as these soldiers were travelling in the cramped confines of a G-wagon armoured vehicle on a bumpy road in Afghanistan when Fraser’s gun accidentally discharged, killing Walsh with a single bullet.

These casualties of war are tragic, as evidenced by the recent death of Cpl. Kevin Megeney of Stellarton, NS; under similar circumstances. The soldiers that we ask to go fight on behalf of our country should be treated with the highest level of respect and care when they return.

For Master Cpl. Robbie Fraser to return home to his family having to deal with the pain and suffering from losing a friend and now to also have deal with being made an example for something that was clearly an accident. This is heart breaking to think this is what he must come home to.

As my elected official I am turning to you to help ensure that the military is not allowed to use him as an example. The brave men and women who serve in our countries military deserve to know that we, as a country, support them especially in their time of need. Mrs. Nash please do everything in your power to ensure Master Cpl. Fraser and all other military personal know that we as Canadians support them by having these charges dropped.

Thank you in advance for being my voice in dealing with this issue.

if any of you want to use it and my MP's name with yours, then you are welcome to.

any support is greatly appreciated.

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if you are interested, and I hope you are, there's a petition at the website and all you have to do is print and get 25 sigantures.

the address to mail it to is on the site as well.

post up any questions, if I can help I will.

thanks in advance for anyone taking this on.

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