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Waterabi in Wassaloo


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sssssssss! zzzzzzzzzt! sssssss! zzzzzzzt!

those are my cattle prod noises because i can't find a picture that would make you say anything but "huh, what the hell is that?"

c'mon schwampster! yay schwampy! pom poms & backflips! look, you have your own personal cheering section & everything!!! (<-completely lame attempt to coerece you into coming)

*edit* WHICH, by the way, should not even be necessary, what else is going on in ktown on a wednesday? there isn't even anything good on tv tonight!!

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Alright, fine. Looks like the 2 of us will have lots of room to get our Wassabi's on though. Feel free to stop by for a couple of warm up bowlski's before we go :)

PM me if you need the number, I don't need any of my hundreds of fans that lurk on here to be calling me :)

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