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KELLY JOE PHELPS: Thursday in Hamilton.


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PJC presents

The amazing...

Kelly Joe Phelps



Jon Brooks

Alfie Smith

This Thursday, March, 29

Tickets $20

Showtime: 7:30pm

@ Pepper Jack's





February/March 2007


KELLY JOE PHELPS Continues To Tell Stories

Athough tunesmith Kelly Joe Phelps began his career as a jazz and experimental musician he plays, sings and writes the Blues with more conviction than most contemporary Blues artists, influenced by the likes of Robert Pete Williams and Mississippi Fred McDowell. Kelly has cemented his reputation as one of the few great modern storytellers, over the years creating an individual sound, which is both mystical and inspirational, no more evident than on his 2006 Rounder debut “'Tunesmith Retrofitâ€. As “Tunesmith Retrofit†sees Kelly reaching out to a larger audience, Blues Matters! felt it was time we reached out also…

“One of my musical goals has always been trying to understand my particular musical influences to the point that I can absorb them, identify with them, have them project through me cohesively in combination with whatever other ideas may exist outside of these. This new record is pointed toward a broader pallet, I think, than previous. Hence tributes to Dave Van Ronk, and Chris Whitley, and three instrumentals.â€


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do not miss this show

Kelly Joe Phelps is the bomb... haven't seen him since Mermaid's Lounge was still in play but as he floored me twice there I'm very looking forward to seeing the evolution

"I've heard Kelly Joe mention that he's been inspired by people like Roscoe Holcomb, Robert Pete Williams, Dock Boggs, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and others. He seems to have absorbed all this (and all kinds of other stuff as well) and come back with something all his own. Sounds like he's coming from the inside out. The bottom up. He's not just playing 'AT' the music or trying to recreate or imitate something that's happened in the past. He seems to have tapped into the artery somehow. There's a lot going on in between and behind the notes. Mystery. He's been an inspiration to me."


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"Kelly Joe Phelps plays, sings, and writes the blues. HOLD UP before you lock that in. Forget about songs in a twelve bar three chord progression with a two line repeat and answer rhyme structure - though he can certainly do that when he wants to. I'm talking about a feeling, a smoky, lonesome, painful - yet somehow comforting groove that lets you know that you are not alone - even when you're blue. Play on brother."


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