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RC: Constantines, Jon-Rae, Shotgun & Jaybird


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Tonight at Barrymore's, tickets are $15 and there are plenty available.

This should be a great show, the Cons are always awesome live, and I do love Shotgun & Jaybird. Perhaps I will even enjoy Jon-Rae and the River, I've never really liked them before.

Anyone else heading to this?

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I saw this killer triple bill on the weekend for the low, low price of $4.75 (+ $1 coat check) in Moncton!

Shotgun & Jaybird have a new drummer for this tour, don't know if it's permanent or not. He seems to have some actual chops and the band seemed alarmingly tight. I still loved their set, but part of their charm (for me) was their looseness. They made believers out of a number of my friends who hadn't seen them before.

I thought Joe-Rae & The River stole the show. I half expected them to bust into a Gram and Emmylou duet. My only complaint was the honky tonk occasionally veered towards male-female Meatloaf-esque vocal melodies. They closed with a KILLER rendition of the Replacements' anthem "Bastards of Young" with a couple of the Cons joining them.

The Constantines set didn't really do anything for me. But they encored with a hilarious version of Thunderstruck featuring Julie Doiron, the girl from Jon-Rae & the River and PJ Dunphy (Monoxides/Iron Giant) guesting on vocals. Good stuff.

You can't beat that for $4.75 on a Saturday night.

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Paul left the band and Jesse Baird is the drummer now.. You may know him from his work with Feist, Nick Ali Trio, Michael Herring, Guh, Don Scott Trio, etc.. He used to write with Jimmie back in the day, according to a conversation I had with Jesse a few months ago. He definitely has chops.

Nice review Dave=O. Gonna have to see if Jon-Rae can convince me this time. Last time I saw them the music was OK, but he and the girl just seemed to YELL everything out of his month, the vocals were so un-dynamic they got to be really annoying and I had to step outside. Just song after song of the same thing, you can hardly focus on the music anymore. Hopefully it is different tonight - if it's not, well it's at Barrymore's and I'll be deaf tomorrow.

PJ Dunphy is hilarious - I saw the Monoxides a few times back in the day and he always made my night, in a musical hilarity kinda way.

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Just before I headed out the door I looked at Julie Doiron's website, which says she's starting a European tour today. So I check her myspace, sure enough there was a message that she's sitting in the Montreal airport waiting for her flight. Why does she scorn me so? So it was just Dick, Jimmie and Jesse for the Shotgun and Jaybird set. Will and Steve from the Cons joined for some songs on keys, lap steel and bass. Mostly just a double guitar attack. Not as much banter, songs have been slowed down a lot. I don’t think much of the crowd was digging it. I liked it for what it was, but Julie’s voice and presence was missed greatly. Jesse Baird – well I don’t think he fit in too well. He’s very clean and tight, and that’s not how Shotgun and Jaybird sound. Oh well.

Jon-Rae and the River surprised me, it was actually pretty good. On the big stage at Barrymore’s you could actually see them play their instruments, and they’re all sloppy as shit but they can play. That drummer, man he was a skid but he’s got serious talent. The singing was not as annoying as last time I saw them, but still pretty full-on yelly for most of the show. Good show. Bastards of Young was really good once they turned up Bry’s mic.

Cons were awesome, played maybe 3 new tunes, lap steel player from Jon-Rae joined them for Soon Enough, it was pretty nice. They full on rocked for the whole show. There was standing on keyboards, tons of rock poses, screaming, spitting, throwing gear around, an AC DC cover, tight playing, no real lulls, super lighting, sounded good…. I loved their set.

Barrymore’s was 80% full I’d say, and the whole floor was rocking out pretty good.

Sweet Wednesday night.

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Jesse Baird – well I don’t think he fit in too well. He’s very clean and tight, and that’s not how Shotgun and Jaybird sound. Oh well

Those were my thoughts exactly. I thought S&J lost a bit of their charm.

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