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BONDE DO ROLE, Friday, April 6th: PJC


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Bonde Do Role


Special Guests:

Cities In Dust


Guest Selectors: Gary Buttrum, Donna Lovejoy

Friday, April 6th 2007

@ Pepper Jack's

38 King William St. Hamilton



Advance Tickets: $8, $12 day of.

Brazilian MC's armed with a license to ill


A few years ago, Diplo -- the genre-crushing Philadelphia DJ-producer and M.I.A. collaborator -- discovered funk carioca, the booming Miami bass-ish sound of Rio de Janeiro's shantytowns. "It was, like, little children screaming about drugs over a Smiths loop and a breakbeat," says Diplo, who regularly visits Brazil. "I thought it was perfect music." Bonde do Role, the first signing to his new Mad Decent label, have an art-school take on the sound (also known as baile funk), pairing the biggest, dumbest samples ever with comically dirty shout-rapped Portuguese lyrics. "The joke is to be as stupid and cheesy as you can be," says MC and producer Pedro D'eyrot, "and people will buy it."

SOUND In complete disregard for U.S. copyright law, Bonde do Role (D'eyrot, 22, MC Marina Ribatski, 21, and producer and DJ Rodrigo Gorky, 25) pile super-recognizable samples -- AC/DC, the Grease soundtrack, Tone-Loc -- into an over-the-top party-starting mix. A typical lyric (from "Melo do Caldinho"): "I was at a party/And I saw a whore/I put my tongue into her asshole/And my tongue came out all dirty." "That's the shit we're doing, man," D'eyrot says. "Nasty stuff. Sex with food, general perversion."

WHAT'S NEXT The group is planning a U.S. tour this summer and is working on an LP with Diplo. "We're going to try to use some samples that are not so recognizable and try to get a guitarist," says Gorky. But for now the trio is psyched to be playing increasingly raucous live sets at home. "The crowd at the last show was a mix of playboys and, how do you say, high-class whores," says D'eyrot. "That was crazy." Rolling Stone

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