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Printer help needed


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Your friendly nieghbor computer idiot here, and I gots me a problem with me printer.

It's doing that thing where every 3rd or 4th line has a strip of no-ink through it, making it barely readable. Looks totally non-pro and it renders the thing pretty much useless. I put in a new (black) ink cartridge and I've played the print-head cleaning button game all day.

Anybody got any good McGyver quick fixes? I haven't put in a new colour ink, does that make a difference?

It's a fruggin EPSON Stylus color 800 fer crissakes.

Both real and sarcastic responses appreciated.

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i had the same problem with my printer, but cleaning the heads fixed the problem.

some printers come with software, i think epson does, that does printer maintenance on itself...

kinda like a self cleaning oven.

anyways, printers are under a 100 dollars now, dont fix it, if it needs fixing...

If you just put new ink in it, you sure you put it in correctly (i know its pretty dummy proof but...)

If i can think of anything else, i'll let ya know.

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do you still have the manual? check and see if there's a tech support line. we used to have this bubblejet fax machine at work that did the same thing, and after trying everything you've mentioned above to no avail, we finally called the tech support hotline. they gave us this really weird "unplug the fax machine while holding this combination of buttons down and then plug back in while you're still holding them down and then press these buttons" blah blah routine, which was completely strange and unusual, but actually worked. who knows, maybe epson has a bag of othwerise unknown fix-it-tricks for that machine too.

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My epson has tools to do all that maintenance crap as well.

They are all located in your Printers thingy in the control panel. Right-click on the printer and hit Properties...that should bring all of the tools up.

Can you do the "check heads" command where it prints up a test strip? With mine, I do that, and if there are any broken lines, I have to hit "clean heads". Then I run the test again...and see if that did it. Sometimes, I have to "clean head" a few times. One time...I had to do it like 8 times! That was after I was trying to print a T-shirt transfer, and I put the thing in upside down. All kinds of material got lodged onto the head.

Is it still too early to knock on the sloths door?

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