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How are Iron & Wine live?

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

I'm about to place a dirty amount of money on a bid on eBay for tickets to see Iron & Wine in a converted church in Brighton. This has the potential to be the greatest show ever... but before I do, can anyone confirm that they are worth a sick amount of money to see?

(To give you a range, let's say 50-75 pounds)

Some fucker set a maximum bid and I keep getting outbid.

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I love iron and wine. one of my favorite artist right now...

I went and saw him in montreal. it was an ok show. but really I was a bit disapointed. He played with a full band of VERY talented people. Thats all cool and all but I really wanted to hear him do his acoustic thing more.

He also reworked a couple of his older slower tunes and did them all faster and with a full band which kind of disapointed me.

His new album is great but I really thought some of the new tunes did not come across as well live as they could have. When he did quiter acoustic numbers at the show it was awesome. but I thought some of the old reworked and some of the new songs did not come off all that well.

just my opinion. depending on the price I would defintaley go see him. mind you I think I paid like 25$ for the tix I got. so it was worth it.

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Guest Low Roller

Well I ended up spilling a drink on my laptop and killing it. In the panic to try and recover it I lost on the tickets.

Now I have no tickets and I'm sitting on my roommates computer because my laptop is scattered into little pieces on the table.

I pray that when I put it back together it will work again. I'm not keeping my hopes up.

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Guest Low Roller

In the sequel to the above tale I managed to get my hands on tickets for the Iron & Wine show after all. Though the price was somewhat inflated, I have no regrets whatsoever because both the venue and the show were beyond what I had hoped and anticipated.

The church is far from the classic gothic stereotype construct. It appears to be more based on the Renaissance period of the mid 19th century. The layout inside reminds me more of a small Viennese opera house than a church.

The bottom row has the traditional rows of pews, but the second floor is supported by pillars, which extend all the way to the ceiling, and has the shape of a horseshoe with three rows of seating all around the balcony. There is a third floor, most likely where the choir is located for services. I sat there, and although the pews were incredibly uncomfortable, the seat offered the best view of the entire crowd and an amazing view of the stage.

The stage itself was set up right front of the altar, with a massive ominous looking crucifix hanging above.

The opening band was actually quite shockingly good. They were a local band from the Sussex area called Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit. The lead singer, assumed to be said Mr. Flynn, played guitar, banjo, mandoline, and fiddle throughout the set. They had a very maritime sound, sort of like an early version of the Decemberists.

Video 1

Iron & Wine came on around 9:15, and immediately the crowd was captivated with the hauntingly calm vocals of Sam Beam. The set lasted almost two hours, with songs from all over the catalogue from as far back as The Sea and The Rhythm to the latest material on The Shepherd's Dog. I got my favorite song

, so I was happy as hell.

Overall the price of admission was well worth it, and I would recommend seeing these guys if acoustic music is your thing.

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