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Kowloon Market

Ms Zimmy

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Tonight I wanted to make dumplings, Man those little f@ckers take a long time to make but they are worth it.

It's crazy, I bought some organic soy sauce, about 3 pds of bokchoy, dumpling wraps, wassabi, ginger candy, onions, vermicelli noodles, Udon noodles, Curry sauce, another kind of Korean chili sauce, over a pound of both green peas and snap peas, 3 kinds of tofu. chayote, 2 cans of coconut milk and some cabbage for $21.13


Does anyone else make dumplings? What do you put inside?

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Dumpling House dumplings are good, but for eating out nothing in Ottawa beats Northern Han on Somerset. (please feel free to prove me wrong folks)They are so good.

Shanghai also has pretty good dumplings and will make them veg if you ask, even though that option isn't presented on the menu. And they deliver.

I've never tried making them myself.

Kowloon Market is a wicked awesome store.

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