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John Hartford


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You can find alot of shows here (in mp3 & lossless) of Hartford's. As well many other great folk/bluegrass artists. Great site, been a favourite of mine for years now.

Click mp3s and enter

Username: thespps

PW. needsyourhelp

You can also access the files via FTP.


[edit to add]

Direct access to Hartford files...


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Check out the parent directory, for other artists. Personally, I would recommend these for sure..

Stairwell Sisters

Tut Taylor

Uncle Earl

Earl Brothers

Country Gentlemen

Steel String Theory

But you really can't go wrong with anything this site offers, and donate if you feel inclined, it's well worth it..

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I had a dream about John Hartford the other night (seiously) - I was telling him of all the songs that I like of his......it just kept going on and on and on. I actually had to get up, go about my day and then continue the dream the next night. Man he's awesome!

Love his version of Piece of My Heart - phunkyb you should check out the Glitter-grass album he does with The Dillards. He's Hartfordized alot of great songs. Favourite album would have to be Morning Bugle. Favourite song of his right now is All Men Want to be Hoboes.

From what I understand he more or less put together the Down from the Mtn Tour in 2000-2001'ish. I went to that show at the ACC with Lisa - when I got into Hartford a few years later and found that out I thought that there might have been a chance I saw him live without even realizing it - but when I checked the setlist fromt the Toronto show he wasn't there - I think he was too sick at that point.

So sad, that he's gone!

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