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I flew to Florida in December out of the Buff airport. It was a breeze. Best thing is that you don't have to deal with customs/duty at the airport at all since you're flying "domestic".

Being that it IS the March Break next week, you may want to think about crossing the border at Ft. Erie/Buffalo as opposed to Queenston/Lewiston. I always do that and it usually saves time. Reason being is that driving out of Toronto, the FIRST border crossing you come across is Q/L. So almost everyone crosses there and the lineups are atrocious (and March Break worse). It takes no longer to drive to Ft Erie and the lineups aren't nearly as bad. Same goes for when you return home. (also, fewer tolls and less State Troopers ).

[edit: LOL i hadn't seen your post yet phishtaper ... great minds think alike ]

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