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Need Apt in Ottawa for April 1st


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I'm all over Craigslist and Kijiji and the usual places but thanks AD. Actually went to check that place out last weekend and it's on the shortlist.

Looking for a place for friends is way harder than for yourselves so like in the case of that apartment there's carpeting and no laundry in the building and no closets at all.

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They don't need it, and the carpeting isn't a dealbreaker. I think no closets is a semi-dealbreaker but to be honest for an April 1st place it's getting late. That place may well end up as their apartment if this gets much tighter.

Phorbesie where on Powell are you...west of Bronson or East? I'll check things out there tonight.

Did I mention apartment hunting for friends really sucks? :)

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i'm just east of bronson.

this is my landlady's number (819) 457- 4157

because there is a for rent sign across the way and she owns that house too. there was a for rent sign on my house, but it's not there anymore, and i'm not sure if maybe the storm blew it off or whether she's rented it (but no one is living there now). but if you wanna give her a call, then you could find out whether the apt(s) suit their needs or not first.

a bit further east on the street (same block) there is a huge house with a 1 BR for rent sign as well, if you are gonna swing by. no price was marked though.

good luck!

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A friend of mine may be leaving his one bedroom apartment on Florence sooner than anticipated, and it could very well be available for April 1st.

It's carpeted but very clean, lots of closets, an open-kitchen/living room area, basement for storing stuff, and it is on the ground floor with parking and a little spot to put a few chairs and chill out back. And it is under $900 all-in. Does this sound good to you?

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