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Southland Tales


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Anyone else see this movie? Totally bizarro, yet strangely compelling...

As near as I can tell it's kind of a near future, orwellian retelling of the prophesized end times according to the book of revelations...

I'm probably going to have to watch it a few more times, although I'm not convinced it'll make much more sense...

Anyone else see?

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I've thought about watching this movie several times...but the cast always scared me away...maybe I will give it a try though.

Although Patrick Swayze was great in Donnie Darko, so Kelly has the ability to make cheesy actors cool.

These actors have been good in other films, so I'm not too worried: Dwayne Johnson and Justin Timberlake. Being a huge Buffy fan I really like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Jon Lovitz is a lunatic. I think Holmes "Mr. Darko" Osborne is a great character actor. Miranda Richardson has been great ever since she played the best version of Elizabeth I. And Wallace Shawn? I fucking love that chubby bald playwright and character actor. Mandy Moore has been good is a teen movie or two, so say the critics.

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