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Eating alone.


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I imagine some people find the idea depressing, others may keep it their little secret, but I think there's something really satisfying about taking yourself out for a bite every now and then. I get to combine two of my favorite pastimes - peoplewatching and eating - or maybe just settle in with a book or a newspaper section.

This Globe & Mail article from the weekend got me thinking about it.

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i don't mind eating alone at all either.

sometimes it's best for people not to see how much sushi i eat ;)

speaking of...found a new sushi place last week when my usual was closed. Lapointe in the market (ate downstairs but sushi bar is upstairs). ridiculous amount of fish. :)

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On a related note- I really enjoy cooking for myself and dining alone. My wife does not like everything I enjoy, so it's fun to indulge myself every now and then. For example, when the wife is away, I open a bottle of red (she drinks white only), crank some tunes and spend a couple hours preparing lamb. Eating the meal is truly only half the fun.

When I used to work nights at a restaurant I enjoyed dining out alone. I would usually treat myself and enjoy a real nice meal at around 2pm at least once a week. Reading a book on a bistro patio on a nice spring afternoon is a sweet indulgance.

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