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Volunteer positions in toronto?


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Please see below for a volunteer opportunity to help out Dignitas International. If you have any questions please contact my friend at: taravanderwel@gmail.com. They are really short volunteers that day and could really use the help.

Dear friends,

I am sending this email to request your assistance – in the form of a volunteer commitment.

I have recently signed on to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for Dignitas International Race for Dignity. Dignitas International is a Canadian NGO that was started by Dr. James Orbinski (you might have seen/heard about him in the news recently with the publishing of his book). Dignitas works in Africa to provide life-saving ARV medication to HIV/AIDS infected persons, as well as prevention knowledge and HIV/AIDS testing. (www.dignitasinternational.org)

The Race for Dignity is a 10 hour Spin-a-thon held at Yonge/Dundas Square on Saturday, July 5th, from noon until 10pm. This is Dignitas' major fundraising event of the year. Last year they raised $300 000, and their goal this year is to double it.

I am asking you to consider joining the volunteer team, for a short commitment – a 2 to 3 hour shift - on the day of the event. We need help with logistics (particular pre and post event), but also with the entertainment team (managing VIPS, working the merchandise table) and with managing the participants. So please think about it, they are short volunteers and the volunteers are key to the success of the day.

If you're not too keen to volunteer you could always organize your own team to participate in the actual spin-a-thon. Though it's a much bigger time commitment, its way better exercise (unless you're the water bottle delivery volunteer, keeping those cyclists hydrated…)

Think about it and let me know.

Much thanks,


ps. Maybe you have friends or family that would like help too? Spread the word....

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