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My solo project Espanola: 1st gig tonite - 6:15 JacksonSq rooftop, Hamilton


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More details in a new blog - http://www.myspace.com/thegoodrevoverdrive

A while ago me and Cam Malcolm were joking about MySpace hits and he said to me that I probably had the most hits of anybody around who had never actually released any of their own music. So I thought about it and realized I had all these tunes - leftovers from the Achievers, songs that didn't quite fit for Jawbone, other random ditties - and figured I should put them out there.

So I sat down to write some more, just to round out the group of tunes, and I think the writing is just about done. I've recorded maybe a half-dozen of the songs, where I play everything from the drums, bass, multiple guitars, pedal steel, and organ, and sing all the parts. Not yet sure if this is the record I'm doing or demos from the record...we'll see in a few weeks I guess. I'm calling it 'Espanola', after a town in Ontario I've never been to. To me it sounds like a Texan trying to say 'Espaniol'. The style falls somewhere between the sweet alt-country of the Surly Young Bucks and the heavy roots-riff rock of Jawbone. There are some moody moments, a couple heavy moments, and definitely some Gram Parsons/Al Perkins moments so far.

In any event I had an offer to play this gig and realized that of the 86,000 bands I play with, every single project had a member out of town on June 7. So I took the opportunity to christen the live Espanola counterpart - that is, me, backed by the awesome Northwest Division, four Charlottetown natives now living in Toronto who are an unreal band in their own right.

So the gig is tonight, we're playing in the early evening, around 6:15, on the Jackson Square rooftop. It's free of course, and part of a big bash for the Hamilton Commuter Challenge week. Just thought I'd throw the word out there...hope some folks can make it.

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Thanks everybody and

Looking forward to seeing you play over the summer (within one of your 86,000 collaborations anyhow)

...Sarah, you can check out my page for a whole whack of dates I have over the summer, with more to be added in a few days...this on top of trying to finish my solo record and a full-length with Jawbone, it'll be a busy summer!

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