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QOTD: Do you keep your CD cases?


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I made the switch to binders for my CD collection a couple of years ago. The liner notes are with the CDs in the binders, but I still haven't been able to get rid of the boxes, thinking that they have something to do with the integrity of the collection. I'm finding it increasingly tough to justify the space all of these empty cases are taking up.


(As you can see, I'll go to any length to avoid the massive cleaning project I'm supposed to be undertaking today.)

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I take it you have no storage space that you could just fill some boxes with and put them aside. Away from the light and in not too bad temperatures they'll last a looong time.

By that I mean if I had a cd collection rather than a digital music collection, I would keep all the cases for the very same reason that they are part of the collection. When I moved it all to digital, though, I lost track of most of the cd's I had (cd's and cases) since I'm a fan of the giant on the computer music library and can't much be bothered by cd's.

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