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finally testified in court and i am able to share this crazy ordeal.

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After this happened, the investigation team asked me to not share the detials of the events until after i testified in court.

it was hard not posting this shit online, since its a place i vent, share and get opinions.

last year I saw a gas station clerk get his head blown off 5 feet from me. I was paying for my drinks and some guy came in and held up the store. The owner opened up the register and gave him the money. The guy asked for the safe and the owner didn't say anything but reached for something behind the counter. That's when the robber shot him. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Blood everywhere. A few other people in the store, including myself freaked out. The robber slapped some girl to the ground and then looked at me and said, "you didn't see anything motherfucker!". I about shit my pants right there. Then he took off. I ended up testifying at his trial. What an ordeal, weeks of not being able to eat or sleep well. It was hell. When I got up on the stand, the prosecuter asked me to recount the details and what the robber said to me. At that point I saw the defendant/robber pull something out of his lawyer's briefcase. It was a pile of bullshit, just like the rest of this story.

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You read the last line of the story right Mr Taylor?

I would guess he missed that.

What a fucked up fucking thing to post Dima. I mean...sereously...WTF.

Why would you want people to read something like that?

I don't get how that is funny?

on a funny note though...Jon La fucking highlarious is coming to Ottawa and Montreal. My homeslice in LA said he was just there in some talks so now might be a lucky time to catch him. Man he is too funny.

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