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Poll: Ignatieff Liberals ahead of Conservatives


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While I'm now a non-partisan practitioner of government relations, Liberal supporters on the board will be happy with this news... ;)

With no party leadership convention I tend to think the "honeymoon" effect is less of a factor...also considering Ignatieff has just started to get out there, things look promising for Liberals in the post-Dion era. I expect the Conservative image assassination advertising machine to begin any moment.

Ignatieff vaults Liberals into tie with Tories: poll

Updated Fri. Jan. 9 2009 3:12 PM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- A new poll suggests the Liberal party has bounced back into contention now that Michael Ignatieff is at the helm.

The Nanos Research survey, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, suggests the Liberals have moved into a virtual tie with the governing Tories.

Liberal support stood at 34 per cent, one point ahead of the Conservatives and up eight points from the Liberals' dismal showing in the Oct. 14 election under the leadership of Stephane Dion.

The poll suggests the Liberal resurgence was particularly pronounced in Quebec, where the party vaulted into the lead with 39 per cent support to 29 per cent for the Bloc Quebecois, 17 per cent for the Tories and 14 per cent for the NDP.

The telephone poll of 1,003 Canadians was conducted Jan. 3-7 and is considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points 19 times in 20.

A voter honeymoon with Ignatieff, who was hastily installed as leader last month, appeared to be the driving force behind the Liberal bounce.

Thirty-four per cent of respondents said they had a more favourable impression of the party since the change in leadership.

Moreover, 23 per cent said Ignatieff would make the best prime minister -- double the score previously won by Dion, although still 12 points behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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I think moreso, after hearing Ignatieff speak in Halifax, he's saying the right things. Atleast he's a leader with his eye's open, and in reality in the now... he's going to be great for the Canadian Political System, and hopefully for Canada as a whole. Looks like it will be one big infrastructure party if Iggy gets elected. He's definately going to force Harper to try to be a better leader... something the other party heads didn't instill in him yet (he's good enough by default with that gong show in Ottawa). Too bad the Liberal party itself wasn't astute enough to elect Ignatieff the Leader in the first place two years ago.

Barack got it without running a slander campaign... I hope Iggy takes a cue from that... you don't need one, unless you're worried you can't actually do the job without bringing the other side down a notch. Which incidentally means bringing down your fellow Canadians... I can understand regional parties like the Conservatives or the Bloc doing it, but so called National Parties? It just re-enforces why is sucks to be "Canadian".

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You're talking about Obama and Iggy right?

My Godfather is a Harvard alumni too. A smarter, gentler, 6'4" Newfie you will not find. Though he probably couldn't start a campfire to save his life!

"Every threat is an opportunity"

"Hate is a strong word"

"Before we can have free-trade, we have to have fair-trade"

oh man, the pearls of wisdom this guy has given to me.

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Hehe, yeah, I can only imagine what an angry(er) bugger I would of turned out to be without him.

He's one year Bob Cole's junior and went to the same grade and high school as him... Bob was apparently quite the ladies man!

My Godfather (the Newfoundland tennis champion in 1960) also taught Danny Williams at tennis camp... says he was always the kid who would throw a tantrum when he lost, and would hit the ball over the fence.

He's met Iggy on several occasions, as he lives in his riding. He thinks Iggy is too much of a politicians politician for his liking... but in light about how he feels about politicians in general, hasn't really put Iggnatieff down too much, which is probably as much as a 'seal of approval' as he can get.

I'm just glad Iggy is saying the things that may actually get him elected (i.e. "I want to work with the current government to solve the current ecconomic crisis"), as opposed to "everyone hates harper, so lets do whatever it takes to steal power"

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In my opinion Dion dropped the ball upon immediately becoming head of the Liberal Party. As I've said in other topics, it would have been in his best interest to do exactly what Iggy is doing now...rolling up his sleeves and doing the "town hall" thing across Canada; to give people insight to who he is and listen to their concerns; to rebuild peoples' faith in politics and the Liberal Party after the "Scandal"...Dion took over a party that was opposition to a Minority government which meant that sooner than later an election would happen and the Conservatives would be looking for a majority government...Dion should have started his campaign the minute he became leader but he didn't...

So far Iggy seems to be on the right path and I hope for the Liberal Party and our country's sake that he continues on this path...

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Ignatieff & the Libs are taking a stand on proposed tax cuts that might be part of the "new & improved Con-budget"...

Their stance...No Frickin' Way...

Liberals won't back tax cuts

Polls, for what they're worth, are showing that the Libs have almost caught up to the Cons since Iggy has taken the helm...

Looking forward to Jan 26th and all the fun that follows ;)

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Who wants some muddy water?

Constitutional experts advise Governor General to call on the opposition

TORONTO, January 23, 2009 -- Academic constitutional experts are publicly advising the Governor General to call on the leader of the opposition to attempt to form a government if the Conservatives are defeated on a non-confidence vote.

The advice appears in an open letter signed by thirty-five law professors and political scientists from universities across Canada following a December poll that revealed widespread confusion among Canadians about the basic rules of Canada’s constitutional system.

The expert letter points out that democratic legitimacy in our system is based on the principle of responsible government, which requires that a Cabinet have the support of the House of Commons to govern. If that support is lost, the Governor General is no longer bound by the advice of the Prime Minister and may either call on another leader to form a government or dissolve Parliament for an election. As the majority of members of the House of Commons have provided assurances of their support for a government led by the leader of the opposition, the constitutional scholars advise that “It is our opinion that in the event of a non-confidence vote or a request for dissolution of Parliament after only 13 sitting days of the House of Commons, the Governor General would be well-advised to call the leader of the opposition to attempt to form a governmentâ€.

The letter with the full list of signatories is available at: www.constitutionacts.blogspot.com.

Professors available for media interviews:

Barbara Cameron

Political Science, York University

Errol Mendes

Law, University of Ottawa

Charles-Maxime Panaccio

Law, University of Ottawa

Peter Russell

Political Science (University Professor Emeritus)

University of Toronto

Bruce Ryder

Osgoode Hall Law School

Jeremy Webber,

Canada Research Chair in Law and Society

University of Victoria,

Margot Young

Law, University of British Columbia

York University Media Relations . Fax: 416-736-5779 . Address: York University, West Office Building, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON

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Can't wait for Monday when the soap opera "Life On The Hill" returns to our somewhat regularily scheduled programming...

Next Episode:

L'il Stevie Harper has nowhere to run if his budget is voted down; Iggy carefully weighs his options while Jackie Layton unveils his new plot to take his party on a coalition cruise...

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Now would seem to be a good time for Mike to make a few meager demands on things such as ethical/moral issues (Khadr) and transparancy issues (campaign slander) before the budget comes down. Make a little hay out of the improvements down south, however shallow they may be, before an election, ya'know?

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Not adults with principles.

So you're saying neither side has people with principles? That's a pretty harsh, bleak, negative outlook on both the York administration and union...

It always makes me shake my head when "job security" is an issue with today's fluctuating economies and drastically changing markets...

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