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Mantis - Umphrey's new album


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I gave this a listen last night all the way through for the first time...and like most albums by bands i like, i was unimpressed at first.

The intro to the first song, Made to Measure took me right back at first...reminded me of hearing Dither by moe. for the first time...way overproduced. I know what you're saying, it's an album not a live show blahblahblah. A quick little Preamble and it was into the title song, Mantis. This is easily the best song on the album in my opinion. It had a sort of Triumph meets Journey anthem feel to it, kinda Umph meets the 80's...not bad and i'm certain this will be one of the extended jam-outs at their future shows. They then switch gears for the next couple of tunes...not sure which were which cuz i was doing the dishes in the next room, but they're definitely pulling from their experience with The New Deal and Bisco....a lot more techno in there....BUT they've doctored up Baylis' voice so it's sounding good at least.

All in all, i really need to give this another couple listens to figure it out, but it definitely didn't grab me right away like a few others recently (Truckers, Hold Steady and Wilco's new ones...or even Safety in Numbers) That being said, I know i'm going to buy this album in the next week or so to add to the collection.

Several of the songs will be awesome live, that is for sure :)

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