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Anyone ever hear of Genghis Blues?


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This is a documentary featuring Paul Pena (originator of jet airliner - see videos) and he apparently knew how to utilize his vocal chords in a rare way. This is the Tuva throat singing method in which two vocal cords are used at the same time producing a frog-like sound heard only in certain parts of the world.

It kinda makes you wonder about evolution a bit...or rather wonder how humans used to communicate. Sometimes it sounds like birds and other times like frogs (DEEP!).


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Paul Pena is awesome, I've had this on DVD for a few years now. Amazing film.

Whats really cool is, he first had to teach himself Russian, so he could then learn Tuvan since there were no english > tuvan translations at the time, but there were Russian > Tuvan translations and being blind I'm sure that wasn't an easy task. Paul was also the first westerner to ever win the Tuvan throat singing contest, and as far as I know remains the only person to have done so, the style he created is very unique. Check it the film if you haven't its worth every minute in my opinion.

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While I was in Amsterdam for the cup in 97, I was lucky enough to come across some Tuvan throat singers playing on the street and caught it all on my camcorder.

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It's fascinating in the movie when Pena explains he was just scanning the shortwave and heard these intriguing sounds and just intuitively knew he could replicate them. I'm sure being blind gives one a deep well of input around sound. The scenes with his teacher by the riverside in Mongolia are really beautiful.

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