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NCAA - March Madness


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I'll make some predictions for the next round....

Louisville over Arizona

Kansas over Mich. State

Connecticut over Purdue

Memphis over Missouri

Pitt over Xavier (I'm actually pretty tempted to take Xavier)

Villanova over Duke (all things Duke suck)

UNC over Gonzaga

Syracuse over Oklahoma

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Mizzou was crazy last night. They keep playing like that and they might make it to the finals. That Evans kid from Memphis is amazing though, I wonder if he'll play past his sophmore year in the NCAA, I doubt it.

Xavier almost pulled it off - gritty game to watch.

Thank you Villanova. The Big East is really flexing it's muscle.

Duke sucks.

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I'm not sure they'll even make it past Michigan State....I hope so because I'd much rather see that match up. For a team that doesn't come off that massive Michigan State rebounds like crazy and will probably out rebound UConn (which says a lot).

UConn vs UNC would be the shit.

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