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This show is a must listen! ON FIRE!!

The Chameleon

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I dunno, but those aren't the same links PoG. Look closely at the link I posted, the number code at the beginning isn't the same. Looks like you might be getting a redirect or something.

The links you posted are throwing up flags on my antivirus (kaspersky), and on my secondary antivirus (Avira) that I use to double check things.

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It's been reported on archive and occurred to a couple people I guess.Apparently, Norton can go off if a virus is on the same directory, even if the actual file you download, or are streaming isn't infected. You may want to report this with the info you posted.

Here's the thread on archive about it.


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Already litening. This is the perfect way to listen to this band. Funny to hear how so many hipster bands would die to have a supertight sound like this but settle for tweaking one aspect of the sound or another.

Are you sure that they're settling for tweaking instead of not settling on a supertight sound to begin with?

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