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The Sadies 9th Annual New Years Eve Bash @ The Horseshoe 12/31/09 setlist


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The Sadies

The Horseshoe

THU DEC 31, 2009

Set I: Start Time 11:20PM

1. Free Born Man (John Doe & The Sadies)

2. Lay Down Your Arms (Stories Often Told)

3. Transluscent Sparrow (Favorite Colours)

4. 16 Mile Creek (Pure Diamond Gold)

5. New One (lyric Haunted By the Voices In My Head)

6. Rat Creek (Pure Diamond Gold)

7. The First Inquisition (Part IV) (New Seasons)

8. Anna Leigh (New Seasons)

9. Leave Me Alone (In Concert Vol. I)

10. Starry Eyes

11. Introduction (New Seasons)

12. Loved On Look (Tremendous Efforts) [with Margaret Good vocals]

13. Higher Power (Pure Diamond Gold) [with Margaret vocals]

14. Uncle Larry's Breakdown (In Concert, Vol. I) [with Darcy on fiddle]

15. Auld Lang Syne [with Margaret and Darcy]

16. Fly Away [with Margaret and Darcy]

17. Dying Is Easy (Precious Moments) [with Margaret and Darcy]

18. Stories Often Told (Stories Often Told) [with Margaret and Darcy]

19. Whisky [with Bruce Good vocals and harmonica and Margaret and Darcy]

20. Paul & Silas [with Bruce, Margaret and Darcy]

End Time 12:16AM (Set I length 56 minutes)

Set II: Start time 12:56AM

21. Pretty Polly (Precious Moments) [with Margaret and Darcy]

22. Evangeline (In Concert Vol. I) [with Margaret and Darcy]

23. Stay All Night (In Concert Vol. I) [with Bruce, Margaret and Darcy]

24. Somebody Touched Me [with Greg Keelor vocals and acoustic guitar]

25. Workin' On A Railroad [with Greg]

26. Why Be So Curious? (Part 3) (Favorite Colours)

27. The Horseshoe/Moss (Tales of the Rat Fink)

28. Picture My Face

29. Lucifer Sam (In Concert, Vol. I)

30. Burning Love [with Ron Sexsmith vocals and acoustic guitar]

31. The Seeker [with Ron]

32. What's Left Behind (New Seasons)

33. The Trial (New Seasons)

34. The 400 (Tales of the Rat Fink)

35. FLASH (Tremendous Moments)

36. Lonely Guy (In Concert, Vol. I)

37. Tell Her Lies & Feed Her Candy (Precious Moments)

38. My Heart of Wood (New Seasons)

39. Strange Birds (Jon Langford & His Sadies Mayors of the Moon)

40. Ridge Runner Reel (Tremendous Efforts)

41. Tiger Tiger (Stories Often Told)

2:16AM (1 hour 20 minutes)

Encore: 42. Little Sadie (Precious Moments)

43. The Continental (Tales of the Rat Fink)

44. House

45. Cheat (Precious Moments)

46. Big River

47. Clam Chowder (Precious Moments)

48. Milk Cow Blues

49. Only Good Ones (Pure Diamond Gold)

50. Leaving Here

51. Wasn't Born To Follow (Tremendous Efforts)

52. Memphis, Egypt (In Concert, Vol. I)

End Time: 2:51AM (1 hour and 56 minutes Total time 2 hours and 52 minutes)

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