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Rolling Stones Tribute @ PJC Saturday Night


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From Jesse O'Brien:

Hey everybody, just wanted to invite you to pepper jacks this saturday(15 th) for all rolling stones all night. Joining me will be Steve Strongman on vocals and guitar, Colin Lapsley on vocals and bass, Joel Stouffer on drums and Chris wheeler as Keith Richards. Hope to see you there, Jesse

This will be a great musical night if anyone likes the Rolling Stones or even just great music and great musicians.

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where am I? how did I get here?

good to hear the pros pullin out the stones and to introduce del-head to some fine hamilton musicians... not often you come across a stage with 5 musicians on it, 3 of whom can sing a convincing Mick

funs! [big Grin]

great sharing philosophy with you late night saturday Del (sorry we didn't get him home Alexis, we tried)... big thanks to the Sanzwill crowd, some hess villagers and Esau for a great weekend


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