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Sugarman 3 ???


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If you're into this, Do Right! just put out a compilation called "Required Listening", all Canadian artists, and it looks really good. John Kong, a DJ from Toronto (Movement), put it together I think. Check it out! If anyone here has a copy of it, I'd love to hear what you think.


Sugarman 3 come around Toronto every now and then. They played for free a few years ago at the Jazz Festival on that outdoor stage at the Harbourfront Centre. I think Antibalas might've played that day too (???).

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Originally posted by Tungsten Gruvsten:

I got mine at Rotate this or She Said Boom, i'm sure of it. It's probably being distributed by Fusion III these days so if you want your own copy it's out there...or i can copy it no prob...

I'm listening to the James Brown cover on it right now...fuggin killer!

I know (for obvious reason) that Sonic Unyon used to distro in in Canada, as did FAB, but the label is gone. if Fusion III has copies, I'd be surprised.

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Sugarman Three are great! From Brooklyn, NY, the band has at least two albums out - 1998's Sugar's Boogaloo on the now-defunct Desco label and and new album out earlier this year on Neil Sugarman's own Daptone label. Check out the label's website at www.daptonerecords.com.

They play in Toronto a few times a year and the members of the Sugarman 3 (which I believe is a five piece) are also in the great bands Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings and the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, who are stunning at times.

Speaking of Antibalas, if anyone has the pre-Antibalas band The Daktaris' album Soul Explosion on Desco and wants to get rid of it, I'll play $20 for a used CD and even more for the vinyl.

Also, check out the compilation Keb Darge Presents Funk for the 21st Century on the Toronto label Do!Right Music. It's fantastic.

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btw, this is the show that kicked my lazy ass this hazy Sunday morning:

Sugarman 3 & Co. feat. Lee Fields



New York, NY

Neal Sugarman - sax, flute, tambourine

Dave Guy - trumpet

Adam Scone - organ

Al Street - guitar

Rudy "Petschauer" Albin - drums


Lee Fields - vocals (#6 to end of show)

Disc #1 (71:10)

1. Intro

2. untitled new song

3. Funky 16 Corners

4. La Culebra

5. Love Maker (instr.)

6. Shot Down

7. Let's Work A While

8. Promised Land

9. Take It Or Leave It

10. Take It As It Come

11. I'm A Millionaire

12. Lover Like Me

Disc #2 (19:33)

1. Funky Screw

2. Love Maker

Time: 1:30:43

SHNs: 674 MB

Source: Soundpro cmc4s (cardioids w/ AT-853 caps) > Soundpro SPSB2 Supply w/roll-off @ 95hz >

D8 @ 44.1kHz (1st row, below left speaker)

Transfer: D8 > S/PDIF (Coax) > Audiophile 2496 > SoundForge6/Samplitude6 > shn2k

Taped/transferred/EQ'd by B3gROovE! Thanks to Mike Ayers for the loan of the rig.

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