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Neil Young on Steve Jobs and Fidelity


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good stuff Neil. though, what if someone came out with a format that had 30 times the fidelity of files today? it'd be like 6 minute abs.

Young told the "D: Dive Into Media" conference Tuesday that he spoke with Jobs about creating a format that has 20 times the fidelity of files in the most current digital formats, including MP3.

Such a format, he said, would contain 100 per cent of the data of music as it is created in a studio, as opposed to 5 per cent in compressed formats including Apple's AAC.

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Mossberg said Jobs in the past expressed surprise that "people traded quality, to the extent they had, for convenience or price."

I like the implication here that Steve Jobs looked down his nose at his adoring fanbase.

I think Neil's a little insane on the 30 minutes to download one song thing though. Wouldn't it be more likely that compression technology gets to the point where it can pack more information in the same average file size of today's mp3?

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[color:black]What I drew from this was that Jobs enjoyed the convenience of having an ipod as a portable device but when the time comes to relax at home after a long day of work nothing beats getting a bit closer to the real thing.

Which, then lead to the discussion of 'ultra fidelity' where being able to capture and transfer ALL of it for enjoyment at home was something that Jobs and Neil both shared an interest in.

As memory and bandwith become cheaper and more available, it would definitely be nice to see more of a movement toward this type of idea.

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