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dead router - no power


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My router had no power today. It was plugged into an apc so no surge issues. I tried different plugs around the house. No juice. I'm wondering if the adapter is fried for some reason. Not sure how that would happen either. Does anyone know how to figure out what adapter I could try? The output is 5V - 2.5 A. Input jack says 12VDC.

just found an exact adapter with an old sirius device, but the plug is too small!

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Volts are pushed, amps are pulled.

Basically make sure the power supply matches the voltage required by the device. If your power supply is providing more amps than the device needs the device will only use the amps it requires. If the power supply is not providing enough amps your device may not power up and you may be over working the supply.

nice. makes more sense to me now professor Sloth.

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the old adapter said 2.5, but the new one says 2.0? that's means your new one can only provide 80% current of what the old one did (and which presumably what was sometimes needed by the router.) it might get very hot. and the old adapter said 5v, but the router says 12v? hmmmmm, they should match or be much closer than that. did anything smell burnt when it powered up again? if its older than 3 or 4 years old, i dont think i would take a chance, i'd just toss it and get a shiny new one. ive had to replace different things every so often, although setting up a new router is a hassle sometimes if you have a lot of wifi stuff.

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