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Just got Closing Of Winterland DVD...

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Booche, you titsteak, I tried calling you twice last night, but I guess your "Don't answer the phone because it might be the FBI" policy was in effect.

I only watched the first DVD, and can say, in all honesty, that I was highly entertained by the whole thing. Sugar Mags > Scarlet/Fire > Me and My Uncle > Big River > etc... do I need to continue?

'Rhythms Devils' was also pretty spectacular.

I've yet to watch the Dark Star. That starts disc 2.

I bought the DVD at MusicWorld at Billings Bridge Plaza of all places. This was also the same store where I bought my copy of moe's Wormwood before anyone else.

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I bit the bullet and mail ordered and have been watching snippets of this all week.

OH MY GOD!!! [Eek!][Eek!]

Dy'all not have this yet? Holy fuck!!!

Who is this spry young Jerry Garcia on guitar? If all you've seen of Jer is on the View from the Vault series... you seriously won't recognize the guy. It's so great to see him so totally into the music and the playing.

I can't say enough about this DVD set. You can feel the magic through your TV screen. This is quintefuckingssential Dead.

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Please, watch the 2am Interview..........

Do NOT talk to anyone in the room.


(That is worth the price of the dvd alone)

Remember, the Blues Brothers brought "mounds of coke"

"Jesus Christ, the Dark Star!"

Apparently, this was a BIG night in Dick Latvala's life. [big Grin]

Ollie, we need to hang out. Low Roller is still seriously still a putz............or a newbie [Wink]

'Been here so long, he's got to calling it home.'

Man, that whole pre-BidYouGoodnight encore through to Bill Graham telling the peeps "stay as long as you like, we'll feed you breakfast." is sooooooo fucking cool...........

"They're the greatest Rock'n'Roll band that ever was, The Grateful Dead."

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