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Three GREAT shows in Hamilton tomorrow...


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Which one to go to?

1. Hiway Freeker/Friends of Hefner (Pepper Jacks)

2. Chris Briscoe's Acid Funk Factory w/many huge Hamiltonian musicians like Brian Griffith and Joel Stauffer (Casbah)

3. Richard Underhill's 8pc. afro beat orchestra {sax player from Astrogroove} (Izzy's)

well, which one?

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I'm not familiar with Acid Funk Factory (and my answer might change if I was), but I think I'd head to Hiway Freeker & FoH. IIRC, isn't it the Freeker's 100th show? Freeker is serious fun under normal circumstances; an anniversary show should be even more fun, I would think.



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not even a question

freeker are so awesome, best energy anywhere, and much more rare to see around here... we might get one more show before they take off on the cruise lines... teamed up with Shelby and Friends of Hefner is going to be crazy fun... super warm vibes

acid funk will be happening weekly now that the casbah is open again, 9/10ths of the band plays at 33 every sunday as well

Izzy's just isn't my crowd... too stuffy for me

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