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i see the relix post was dropped


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I do know Marnie quite well, although I haven't spoken to her in nearly six months. I e-mailed her a while back but she hasn't e-mailed me back. She's quite intertwined in the Phish thing herself, so I assume she'll be okay.

I don't really know anything about this though.

People should just go out and buy the Relix!

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that i'm not sure...

all the info i got was from multiple conversations over at phook.com

it seems pretty legit. of course, no word from this marnie chick.

i guess one person over at phook.com works for relix, and confirmed that they were indeed going to take legal action against marnie.

but its ALL hearsay, hell, its the internet.

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well, first someone typed out the whole phish article from relix and posted it on rmp.

relix actually (from numerous posts) found out who did it (some girl named marnie, shainhouse knows her), and is really trying to sue her.

phishhook took the article down.

it was posted here, so i mentioned about relix getting pissed, and telling phook to take it down.

now i'm just wondering if relix just tried to scare this marnie chick, or if they are really going down with the law suit.

i mean, i may have actually bought the issue, but no need now. i've never really been a fan of that mag.

i'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat, and relix knows this.

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