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Delfest Lineup Released


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Saw them in Vegas at a pre-show (afternoon) gig. By second set they won me over big time.

They are absolutely exploding right now, both in terms of musicianship and popularity. A few years ago we were seeing them in rooms with three dozen people. Saturday night they sold out Irving Plaza (edit to add: NYC venue with 1,000 capacity) to such an extent that there were professional scalpers out front and people were asking 3x face on StubHub. But it's not just a hype thing. These guys are working their asses off, touring relentlessly and getting better with every show. It's so much fun to be on this train right now.


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Good for them...good for you!

Just ggogled the venue. McCartney played there last Valentine's Day. Woah.

As a young boy he always dreamed of being as big as Greensky(?). What a trip it would be to see him in that venue. I can only imagine, especially after seeing how intimate he made the Canadian Tire Centre feel.

For those of you around right now (10:50 P.M. on Sunday) Greensky's second set of the night just started and the show is streaming here: http://mixlr.com/robbie-cox/.

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