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Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize in literature


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  • 7 months later...

Hunter S Thompson, in a letter to someone at Rolling Stone:


"I resent your assumption that Music is Not My Bag (or whatever you said)… because I’ve been arguing for the past few years that music is the New Literature, that Dylan is the 1960’s answer to Hemingway, and that the main voice of the ’70’s will be on records & videotape instead of books [god, I wonder what he would have thought of podcasts and vlogs].

But by "music" I don’t mean the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. If the Grateful Dead came to town, I’d beat my way in with a fucking tire iron, if necessary. I think Workingman’s Dead is the heaviest thing since Highway 61 and "Mr. Tambourine Man" (with the possible exception of the Stones’ last two albums … and the definite exception of Herbie Mann’s Memphis Underground, which may be the best album cut by anybody). And that might make a good feature: some kind of poll on the Best Album of the 60s … or, "Where it was at in the Rock Age." Because the ’60s are going to go down like a repeat, somehow, of the 1920s; the parallels are too gross for even historians to ignore.

So, for whatever it’s worth - to either one of us, for that matter - here’s the list from Raoul Duke:

2) "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Bringing It All Back Home) Zimmerman
3) Highway 61 … Zimmerman
4) Workingman’s Dead … Warlocks et al.
5) Let It Bleed
6) Buffalo Springfield first album
7) Surrealistic Pillow

8) Roland Kirk - various albums
9) Sketches of Spain … M. Davis
10) Sandy Bull … #2

Jesus, what a hassle to even think quickly about a list like that. Even now I can think of 10 more I might have added … but what the fuck, it’s only a rude idea. But a good one, I think, and particularly for RS. The implications of the final list would vibrate far beyond the actual music … it would be a very heavy fucking document. You may want to give it some thought ….
OK for now. I have all the fotos together & I’m sending them along with brief captions, so we can get this thing started.

Ciao …


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It’s alright ma, I’m only cheating: did Bob Dylan crib his Nobel speech from SparkNotes?

Claims have circulated that Dylan’s Nobel prize acceptance lecture may have leaned a little too heavily on a website favoured by plagiarising students.

On 4 June, Bob Dylan made good on the lecture he was required to give in order to claim his $900,000 (£704,000) Nobel prize jackpot. His 22-minute reminiscence about his music and literary heroes was widely hailed, even though most university lectures are at least 45 minutes long and he didn’t bother putting PowerPoint slides on the departmental website.


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The article actually only dedicates two whole paragraphs to the actual headline/topic and the rest is a summary history lesson on sparknotes/cliffnotes and their creators.

I suppose anything is possible, and reading the article I can see/get the comparison. Although, I wonder if it's simply a case of him recalling and citing a quote incorrectly. I dunno.

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